February 6, 2016

We support your company’s development and growth

NLH Contracting takes a holistic view of your company. We consult the management team on how to achieve the organizational goals, whether it is by realigning the corporate strategy or identifying how the departments/business units can contribute to the entire company. We will complete a review of the business plan along with the Sales & Marketing plan to align current practices with the long term goals of the management team.

Business consulting

As part of our consultation, we will take a 360 degree view of your company, including:

  • Operational Management and Efficiency
  • Business strategies addressing short and long term goals
  • Financial Management
  • Growth and Succession planning
  • Risk Management plan development
  • Business plan review
  • Sales & Marketing plan review

You will have full access to all of the components of NLH Contracting’s outsourced services, including: